Chance the Rapper talks fatherhood, his first album and his big win at the Grammys

Chance the Rapper recently sat down with Complex to talk about his whirlwind of a year. From his major *grammy award winning* MIXTAPE, Coloring Book, to becoming a father, to musing about his next project being an actual album, this interview was so insightful and telling. Chance has quickly became everyone's favorite in the hip hop world and it's easy to see why. He's an overall GOOD PERSON and takes his music and brand very seriously. 

What was the most interesting thing to me was when Chance discussed how labels actually, literally, try to stop him just because he's independent and refused to sign with anyone. His message to other artists was also very inspirational.

He wants artist to do things for themselves, hire the people around them and build an empire on their own. He also wants to serve as an example that it CAN be done.

Watch the full interview here: