The Get Down Part II premieres April 7th!

via Netflix

via Netflix


The Get Down is a series exploring the start of hip hop. It's set in the 70s in Bronx, New York and is centered around the talented but quiet poet, Zeke, as he starts his own career as an emcee.

The series is a lot of things, a love story of sorts since Zeke is also trying (very hard) to cuff his crush, Mylene. But, it's also a musical-WAIT! Before you instantly throw this series away as a dated version of Empire, I can promise you that the songs in this series are way more believable and enjoyable than even one episode of Empire.

So give it a chance!  

Did you miss out on The Get Down during season 1? Well here's your chance. You've got a couple of weeks to catch up in time for the premiere of season 2 and believe me, that's more than enough time, I finished it in a day!

Check out the latest trailer below and stay tuned for season 2 on Netflix!