Artists You Should Know About: Starrah

via Starrah's (@whereisstarrah) Instagram

via Starrah's (@whereisstarrah) Instagram

If you're a frequent reader here at DaGreenRoom then you know, I have a special place in my heart for songwriters who step out into the spotlight as the lead act. Their immense talent for writing and knowledge of what makes a hit or not almost always guarantees amazingly thought-provoking music and, I'm a songwriter myself so of course I have a soft spot for them! 

If you weren't hip, when Nicki Minaj dropped her "EP" last week, her mid-tempo song, Regret In Your Tears, caused a little bit of a tiff between Nicki and Toronto singer, PARTYNEXTDOOR. 

What was the issue?

Well, PARTYNEXTDOOR fans claimed that Regret In Your Tears sounded like he wrote it and Nicki quickly corrected that:  



All this talk about who didn't write Regret In Your Tears had me wondering... 


Okay, so who actually wrote it?


And that my friends, is how I found out about Starrah because she co-wrote Regret In Your Tears along with Nicki Minaj! 

After doing some research, I found out that not only did Starrah write for Nicki, but she also helped write Needed Me by Rihanna, Fake Love by Drake and 2 Phones by Kevin Gates. 


Side note: She's credited in a lot of rap songs so I wonder if she just wrote the hooks or if she helped with the verses as well. Hmm...


I must have really good timing because when I finally found her Twitter page, I saw that she had music out of her own and recently (like two days ago) dropped a visual for one of them so I'm not too late with this discovery!

Check out her animated visual for Rush below: