My Two Cents: Aeriel - Sad Girls Club


In her debut EP, Sad Girls Club, Aeriel explores the highs and lows of relationships from the perspective of a women who is giving her all to make it work. Sounds familiar? That’s because it’s something all women go through at least once or twice (or more) in their lifetime.

The EP starts off strong with the midtempo track, Good On Ya. Right at the start, Aeriel makes it clear that she understands her worth and will not settle.......again. Be Down is kind of the lead single (and has a video to accompany it) and it picks off right where Good On Ya ends. With her guard fully up, "Aeriel" gets into a situationship in an effort to pacify her previous disappointment. Motion completely shifts the mood of the EP for a moment with it being a slower paced song with a focus on the lyrics, but, it's brought back up with the trap influenced 1000. The EP almost ends right where it started with Selfish. Once again, Aeriel declares that she wants and deserves what she wants and deserves. I'm here for that!


Not only are the songs 100% relatable, but the classic R&B/pop beats from Corey Michael and Godflow and Aeriel's lyrics give all the feelings of nostalgia and because of that, it’s very easy to sink into. Even though this EP has all of the right ingredients for a standard R&B project, what really sets Sad Girls Club apart is Aeriel’s unique, sultry voice and the clean, thorough production. Though at times I felt that Aeriel's lead vocals could've been more prominent in the mix (since her lyrics are so profound and a vital part of the EP's concept), Sad Girls Club is truly a clear introduction to Aeriel’s sound, artistry and talent.

Make sure you check out Aeriel's EP, Sad Girls Club, below!

Favorite Tracks: 1000 and Selfish