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Remember what I said about being open minded? If you want to expand your music library it's all about your willingness to press play even when it's something far from your norm. You might not always like it but every now and then you'll come across gold and that moment is everything.


Thanks to Tay (who also known as @WeAreTheTay on Twitter) and his Music Therapy "tweet series," I was able to find out about the Brazilian duo, Les Étoiles. Between the fact that the group became popular in the mid 70s in France and that their songs are in Portuguese, it's extremely hard to get further info on the group...Well, at least information that's in English. Their music isn't on Apple Music or Spotify which means you gotta look a little harder for it, but the music is so good!


It's mainly their own interpretations of Brazilian classics with sprinkles of festive originals. I have no idea what the songs are about but more than anything, I can really hear the heart in it and that's what I love. 


Check out a few of my favorite Les Étoiles finds below: