Now Playing: Jamila Woods - LSD (featuring Chance the Rapper)

Chicago artist, Jamila Woods just released a video to her single LSD with the help of Chance the Rapper. Jamila was the featured singer on Chance's songs, Sunday Candy and Blessings so there's no surprise that they collaborated once again!

The song samples the iconic 90s song that is Donell Jones' Where I Wanna Be, but other than that, the production is kept simple allowing for Jamila's vocals to shine and Chance's verse to sink in.

Overall, it's a perfect vibe for the closing of summer '17 since we're now approaching the season of slower tempos and heartfelt lyrics. (I personally cannot wait!)

While the original is a definite bop, I'm really in love with this remix Chance retweeted: 

Check out the video (with the original song) below!