THE BEST Tiny Desk Concert: Tank and the Bangas

via (still from concert)

via (still from concert)


You ever heard something that made you stop immediately? Like within 10 seconds you hear something and you just KNOW, this is good.


That was me 00:05 seconds into this video.


Tank and the Bangas won this year's Tiny Desk Contest after competing against over 6,000 other bands and submissions. It's kind of hard to describe the band's sound. It's like...Neo-soul-y....R&B...Spoken Word-hip hop-y GOODNESS.


The New Orleans band really has a way of capturing the audience's attention. There is a certain level of theatrics in the performance but overall there's this fun loving, easy going vibe that immediately draws you in. It grabs your attention and forces you to listen!


 Instead of the traditional "lead singer and background singers" format, singers Tank and Jelly really vibe off of each other in a way that I haven't really seen. I really enjoyed their "rapid fire" way of singing and writing. It was so random that for a moment I wondered if the performance was mostly improvised but I have a feeling that they're just amazing...So there's that.


Tank of the Bangas performed 3-ish songs each DRASTICALLY different and seeped in stories. Boxes and Squares is about being taken for granted by your significant other when you could've been everything, the meat and the greens! Quick is about doing something strange for a little bit of change and last but not least, the extremely moving Rollercoasters which (in my opinion) is a metaphor about how the writer feels about New Orleans and falling in love completely. 


Okay, so I know I talked briefly about the two singers but do NOT get it twisted. The band overall is so in sync and the combination of everything just makes this performance well, everything! 


You need to watch this.