My Two Cents: Eric B for President: Term 2

via Eric Bellinger's official Twitter

via Eric Bellinger's official Twitter

When I think of Eric Bellinger I think of The Dream, Kalenna and Ester Dean. They are all AMAZING songwriters (who are also singers) that contributed lyrics to many of our favorite albums. This extreme accomplishment usually goes by unnoticed unless you're looking through the credits OR unless the songwriter steps from behind the scenes and releases music of their own...Or unless they join Love and Hip Hop but that's another post.

Eric B has written for many artists including Chris Brown, Teyana Taylor and even Usher! Even though I knew about him as a songwriter, for some reason I never listened to any of his projects prior to his latest release, Eric B for President: Term 2. I'm glad I changed that!

Term 2 is a true contemporary R&B album. That genre isn't always my favorite but the album was such a vibe that it could not be overlooked. Laced in between lyrics of love were elements of dancehall which I was expecting by looking at the album cover. Music infused with elements from the Caribbean is DEFINITELY popular in music right now but the "island feel" didn't feel forced at all and really added to the overall vibe of the album.

The album only has 8 songs and is less than an half an hour in duration. If you haven't noticed by now, I love albums that are quick, straight forward and to the point. Term 2 was definitely that!

Overall, I really enjoyed the album and I already added a few songs to a couple of my personal playlists.

Take a listen below!

Favorite Tracks: Make You Mine, Treat Yourself, Island and Malibu Nights