All Star 2017: The Roots do a "musical" and John Legend serenades at halftime

via NBA All Star official Twitter page

via NBA All Star official Twitter page


The announcement that The Roots would be doing a "musical" commemorating the history of the NBA had a lot of people scratching their head. How exactly was this going to work? But, there was honestly no need to worry seeing as The Roots consistently produces great music and they did not let down with The Evolution of Greatness.

With guest rappers, Jidenna, D.M.C and DJ Jazzy Jeff, it was creative, informative and quite entertaining.

Now Michael B. Jordan attempting to rap? That was some funny crap! 

Watch the entire performance below:

Okay...Onto John Legend as the halftime show performance. Now we all LOVE John Legend. He is a MASTER at serenading and any sane girl would love to have him sing at their wedding. But! This halftime show though? It was a little slow and kind of...boring.

Of course the Twitter universe had a lot to say about it:



I mean it wasn't like he was bad. He sounded incredible! It was just not quite what people were expecting for a halftime show.

Nonetheless, catch the performance below!