My Two Cents: The New FUTURE album

via Future's official Twitter

via Future's official Twitter


At this point Future is basically trap music royalty. Yeah, he's hit a couple of bumps in the road, but regardless of that fact, he's constantly released HIT after hit and made a lot of great moves. I was actually excited about the random announcement that Future would be releasing a new self titled album at the end of the week.


A couple of things had me worried though.


After the "big" album announcement, Future declared that he didn't want to be known for DS2 or What A Time To Be Alive and also, there would be no features on this album. While I understand the need to want to establish your own brand free from Drake, honestly, Drake and Future together is one of the best hip hop collabs we got in mainstream rap. Embrace it!


Also, the whole no feature thing works great for J. Cole, but having features add to the sound of the overall album. It makes things exciting and of course it pushes a record further up the charts. 


While listening to FUTURE, I realized that my concerns were right. While the album still had some good hard hitting trap songs, overall, it was a little boring. I struggled through it and by the end I highly doubted that I would actually listen to the whole album ever again. I DID really appreciate the skits sprinkled throughout the album. This was new for Future and it added something to the album especially since it was unexpected. 


I don't want it to seem like I thought the album was bad because it really wasn't. It was just missing something. Also, after hearing that Future recently settled a lawsuit with his previous manager, Rocko, things make a little more sense.


The terms of the settlement state that Rocko gets ALL royalties for the next two albums and 50% of touring for the next two years. If I was Future I would put out an "okay" album too! Gotta protect the stash! 


Favorite Tracks: Draco, POA, I'm So Groovy, Poppin' Tags, Feds Did a Sweep