Beyoncé surprises fans (and Coachella staff) with her twin pregnancy!


Today, Beyoncé took to her Instagram page to drop this bomb: 

via Beyoncé's Instagram

via Beyoncé's Instagram


Within seconds, it was trending on Twitter and within an hour there was over a half a million related tweets about it. The announcement currently has close to 6 million likes and even CNN reported it. Yes, this is amazing news and is definitely something to be excited about but wait-

Isn't Beyoncé headlining a night at Coachella this summer?

Apparently, Beyoncé didn't even give them advance notice of this announcement. They found out right along with us! Either way, what's going to happen after this will be (and has always been) in Bey's court. We will just have to wait and see what happens!

*Pretty sure she's going to cancel her appearance though.*