My Two Cents: Mac Nealy - NUDES

via Mac Nealy's Twitter page

via Mac Nealy's Twitter page

Las Vagas rapper, Mac Nealy, dropped a new EP this week entitled NUDES. After discovering that the project was indeed an ode to scandalous pics, I was very interested to hear it. 

The EP is a quick listen. It's only five songs long but each one carries it's own message and punch. The intro Push It starts off with the much deserved admonishment of 2016 and NEIGHBORS cleverly samples a classic church saying: 

"Turn to your neighbor and say NEIGHBOR!" 

GOMODE is very confident, aggressive and a COMPLETE turn away from the tracks before and after it. I really enjoyed the switch of pace and it was the perfect set up to the next song, DESTINY. 

By this point, the chill vibe from DESTINY almost made me forget about the whole "nude" thing. But, with the help of the hilarious last track, SEND NUDES, I quickly remembered what I was listening to. 

On the surface, yeah, you can say that it's just an EP about nudes but it's honestly about more than that...

I'm sure the title will catch people's attention though! 

Favorite Tracks: GOMODE and DESTINY