NOW PLAYING: Vic Mensa- Down On My Luck

Guess where I heard this song...Did you guess yet? I’ll wait…

106 & Park!!!

Now you may be wondering why I was watching this long forgotten show but the answer is very simple. I was watching Living Single and I was too lazy to change the channel after it ended. Now that we got that out the way we can get to the music.

Right at 6 the music video started to play and I was a little surprised at the “techno” vibe it was giving me since 106 is a Hip Hop/R&B based show but after that initial reaction I can say that I really LOVE this song. Vic Mensa is an up and coming RAPPER from Chicago... and is singing on a house beat. This is why I love music and all of these new artists who are breaking the rules! Watch the video below: