5 songs you can listen to OTHER THAN Hotline Bling

There comes a time when your favorite song becomes a mainstream hit and you have to let it go. Unfortunately for me, Hotline Bling must be retired. After the video went viral, you couldn't escape it! It's on the radio every five minutes and there's memes everywhere. This is great for Drake but not so great for my ears or yours. So, I'm doing us all a favor. Here are five songs you can listen to OTHER THAN Hotline Bling. You're welcome.

1. Soda- Azealia Banks

This song is a slight thowback but it's oh so good! It was released in 2014 and can be found on Azealia Banks' first official album, Broke with Expensive Taste. Thanks to my recent purchase of Apple Music, I was able to listen to the album and it's amazing! Soda is definitely one of my favorites! Listen below:

2. I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)- Jamie XX
Another Apple Music discovery! I'm not usually a fan of Young Thug but this song gives everything that is needed and has a similar "island" feel like Hotline Bling

3. Dammn Baby- Janet
Janet's new album is so good. If you haven't listened to it yet then that MUST be put on your to-do list for this weekend! The first three songs are my favorite but for now Dammn Baby is my ultimate fav. Listen below and get your life:


4. Really? Yeah.- KYLE
I love Hip Hop and Rap music! While my selections can be ratchet at times, I do also love listening to clever and funny emcees. I actually stumbled upon Super Duper Kyle while watching a Buzzfeed video. After scrolling through the comments and seeing hundreds of "Really? YEAH" comments, I searched it up and found this song. It has quickly become one of my favorites! Take a listen:

5. Catfish- Tamar Braxton
So maybe you're not just listening to Hotline Bling because of the beat. Some of you may be going through a little something something and need a song to get you through with a good beat. DON'T FRET! I present to you TAMAR BRAXTON! Let's replace that phone with an instagram account and remind that certain someone to not flex for tha 'gram!