NOW PLAYING: Jidenna- Long Live the Chief

Since Jidenna's smash hit and anthem, Classic Man, everyone has been patiently waiting for his next release. There is no doubt that Jidenna is a unique and genuine artist who is needed in the Hip Hop genre. It was my interest in him, (and label mate Roman Gianarthur) that caused me to attend the Wondaland label tour in DC. I was immediately intrigued not only by Jidenna but the entire label. Janelle Monae definitely knows what she's doing.

*Side note: If you haven't listened to their compilation album, The Eephus, then you need to do that...Like today. *

But back to Jidenna… He actually preformed Long Live the Chief live on tour and I remember listening carefully to the verses and getting my life! I'm so excited that he released this video. It is long overdue. 

Watch below: