Five Reasons Why The Anti World Tour Was GREAT!


1. Travis Scott was AH-mazing


The best advice I could give anyone that wants to have a great time at a concert is to know who the opening act is! Not only does it allow you to party a little before the main act but you also leave feeling as if you got your money’s worth! I was shocked to see people sitting down during Travis Scott’s set! First of all, he is an awesome producer and his music and persona is very similar to Rihanna’s. Basically, if you like Rihanna, most likely you will like Travis Scott. He had so much energy! Towards the end of his set, he leaped off the stage, up some stairs and into the audience. It was craaaaaazy! But, unfortunately, my friend and I were the only ones in our section enjoying his performance! We had to move!


2. Rihanna was standing right above our heads!


Thanks to “The Plug” my friend and I were moved to the floor section! We were so excited ESPECIALLY when Rihanna’s security started coming out to guard the aisle. I knew there was supposed to be a second stage but it was nowhere to be found. I was so confused but as soon as the lights dimmed, a second stage started lifting from the ground RIGHT BEHIND US. I was basically in the first few rows during her second stage performance. After singing Love The Way You Lie, a white walkway comes floating down from the ceiling and she ends up right above our heads for a good two songs. I nearly lost my mind....just....just watch the video:

Yup, that's me demanding that Rihanna "gets it."  


3. The minimalistic theme was refreshing!

Everything was so simple and clean. The wardrobe and set were mainly neutral colors and there were no elaborate video interludes in between songs. Instead there would be a guitar solo or the dancers would have their time to shine. I really liked that the focus was on the music and not theatrics!


4. Beautiful arrangements of her classics


Of course she did a lot of songs from Anti, but like any good concert, she also did some of her classics like Diamonds and Umbrella. Some songs were pretty close to the originals but my favorite was her smash up of We Found Love and How Deep is Your Love. She also incorporated elements of vogue and I enjoyed that as well!


5. Overall, It felt like a big ole party!

Rihanna gives off this really chill vibe that always translates during her performances. While there are bits of choreography, most of the time she is up there dancing and partying with the rest of us! She was a little late to get on stage but was quick to apologize and tell us that someone spilled hot water on her leg right before she walked out. That didn’t stop her from putting on a great show though! Not only did she look beautiful but her voice has improved so much and you can tell that she was truly enjoying herself. I attended her Diamonds tour as well but this one definitely takes the cake!

Next up! Kanye’s Life of Pablo Tour….or maybe Drake and Future…hmm. We shall see!