Remember The Time: Throwback Music Moments


DaGreenRoom is kicking off this month's #ThrowbackThursday series with important music moments that are too legendary to forget! 


1. Don Cornelius' appearance on the Soul Train Line:


Peep him dancing down the line at 0:50 and honorable mention to the couple that couldn't get their routine right at 0:14, HA!


2. Ike and Tina's performance at the Hollywood Palace:


SN: But did ya'll see how Tina just skated onto that stage? LEGENDARY. Ya hear!?


3. Marvin Gaye's sensual remix of the National Anthem:


Who knew the national anthem could be


4. Jodeci's impromptu performance of Forever My Lady:



5. Beyoncé interviews Aaliyah on MTV Movie Awards' Red Carpet:



6. ODB on Yo! MTV Raps:


During his drunken appearance and freestyle on MTV Raps, ODB gave us a glimpse of what the future rap flows would be. You know, mumble rap! Just listen! Put that freestyle over any trap beat and you got a 2017 rap song! He was hip!


7. Kanye on Def Poetry Jam:


Okay, you may (or may not) know the actual "poem" since it is a verse from his song, All Falls Down. But, looking past that, Kanye's Def Poetry Jam appearances are all so interesting because of the delivery and stories that come before the actual poem. It's also really cool to see how confident Kanye from the beginning.


That's all for now folks! What your favorite music moment? Tweet them to @DaGreenRoom_ and let's keep the conversation going!