Three tours you should see this summer!

There is nothing like experiencing live. music. Not only does it allow you to see your favorite artist in person, but you get to come together with other fans and watch your favorite songs come to life right in front of your eyes. 

That being said, summer's here which means there are tons of tours currently happening! Here's my list of the top three you should be looking into attending.


1. Janet Jackson's State of the World Tour


This is kind of a no brainer. Janet is a legend but you can kind of tell that her heart isn't completely into the whole "touring lifestyle." This is quite understandable since she just had a baby boy and is currently going through a divorce. 

With everything considered, there's a big possibility that this may be Janet's last big tour. No, she didn't announce that it was, but if I were you, I wouldn't wait to see.

Janet's got a track record like no other and her discography speaks for itself. Even if you didn't listen to her latest album, Unbreakable, Janet's got enough classics for even the most basic fan. Don't miss out on it!


2. Kendrick Lamar's The DAMN. tour


Yes, DAMN. is dominating the charts and everyone's ears right now but, that's not my sole reason for recommending this tour. The true reason, is because of the LIT lineup of the entire show! For one ticket you get to see Kendrick, D.R.A.M AND Travis Scott. That is an amazing lineup! All three are true performers and will definitely put on a hell of a show.

Since the tour is packing heavyweights, tickets are very expensive and to be honest, even I'm still weighing the cost. But! If money's nothing but a thing to you, I say, BALL OUT and buy a ticket to Kendrick's tour this summer!


3. Ms. Lauryn Hill & Nas, plus special guest

Let's get this out the way. I know we've all heard the stories about Lauryn Hill showing up to venues the morning after her scheduled shows but, there's hope for this tour! Nas is joining her, so we can all hope that that'll bring in her lateness a little. It is worth the risk since seeing both Lauryn Hill and Nas for under $100 is a steal. I say we all take a risk and buy tickets at least for the culture!

Honorable mention: J. Cole, Jay-Z and Jidenna's tour. *Wow that was a lot of Js*

Well, that's enough of my two cents for now. Are you anticipating any special tour stops this summer? Tweet @DaGreenRoom_ and let me know!