Now Playing: Astro Raw - rawmix vol 1

Astro Raw first came onto my radar as the producer and other half of the electroSoul group, Lion Babe. His unique approach to fusing multiple genres together really helped to set apart Lion Babe from just any "R&B" group. Even though lead singer, Jillian Hervey often takes center stage, it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to overlook the extreme detail put into the music production side of things. For this reason, I was very excited to listen to Astro Raw's latest solo project, rawmix vol 1. 


The mix includes cleverly sampled hip hop classics, originals and a few reworkings of Lion Babe favs. It's 14 tracks long but dances between multiple genres so it definitely doesn't get boring AND it's available for download! 


Since a volume number is attached to the title, hopefully we'll get more "rawmixes" from Astro in the future!


Favorite Tracks: HIGH ON COMMAS, TOUCH IT, Treat Me Like Fire Riddim Mix