Travis Scott drops new video for Goosebumps

via Travis Scott's official Instagram

via Travis Scott's official Instagram

 Earlier today, Travis Scott dropped a visual for the single, Goosebumps, featuring Kendrick Lamar.  The video, directed by BRTHR, is basically a Goosebumps book cover brought to life. Yes, the video is a little unsettling, but it was revealed by Travis that this song was written during a dark time in his life so it only makes sense that the video mimics the ominous vibe of the song.



What was the most interesting to me were the color choices. Instead of sticking to the typical dark color scheme to compliment the "gloomy" mood, there were vivid colors splashed throughout. It also didn't take place in a graveyard or a deserted lot, instead, the setting was a wild (and dare I say) exciting party filled with tons of people, poles and interestingly enough, snakes. 

Travis Scott makes trippy music so it's expected that he would put out trippy visuals and Goosebumps is just that. A trip. 

Watch the Apple Music exclusive *sigh* here