The March YESlist


March came and WENT but not without some amazing music releases that we must acknowledge!

  Here are some of the most notable music releases and playlists from the month of March! Oh, and of course, you can also follow DaGreenRoom's daily updated YESlist playlist to stay in the know!


1. Goldlink's At What Cost album

via Goldlink's Twitter page

via Goldlink's Twitter page


If you didn't know, the DMV (D.C, Maryland and Virginia) is my hometown and I love it VERY much. I love the culture, the people and ESPECIALLY the music. Some of the most talented people I've met were from back home and I go out of my way to support amazing artists from the DMV because they deserve it!

That being said, I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that Goldlink is from Maryland. I randomly heard and quickly fell in love with his song Meditation and somehow missed the line,

"Maryland girl with an accent, uh. That's everybody's weakness."

A few sentences later, Goldlink even mentioned Backyard band, a legendary gogo band in D.C and I still missed the memo until following his Twitter page. It's a sad thing.

Besides that, his album, At What Cost paints such a vivid picture of the DMV and is storytelling at its best. I truly do miss home (since I now live in Boston) and this album gave me all of the feels and brought back fond memories of high school life and drama back in Suitland, Murrrland. Even if you aren't from the DMV, the album is really good and you should definitely give it a listen. 

Favorite Tracks: Kokamoe Freestyle, Crew. Pray Everyday (Survivor's Guilt)



2. Rick Ross - I Think She Like Me

Okay, so technically this song could be considered "old." It was one of the first singles Rick Ross released for his album Rather You Than Me but the full album was released this month so it does count! 

While Rick Ross' album was a great one I refuuuuuse to let you all skip over how amazing I Think She Like Me is. The sample and beat alone should've been enough to get this song on the charts but, surprisingly, it's becoming overlooked. So, this is me doing my job: 


3. Logic - Everybody

Logic is gearing up for the release of his next album, Everybody, which will be coming out May 5th. The date was announced earlier this week along with the lead single by the same name. It was released right in the middle of the Kendrick, HUMBLE. "storm" but stood solid on its own and was my New Music Friday pick of the week: 


4. Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE.

via Giphy

via Giphy

So this one may seem like a no brainer but Kendrick DID THAT with the surprise release of HUMBLE. Just in case you did miss it, here's the post I wrote about the single and music video for HUMBLE. 


5. Drake's More Life Playlist

via Apple Music

via Apple Music

This project from Drake was so highly anticipated by everyone that it took away my own excitement to hear it. Honestly, I was expecting more of the same, Drake "whining" about all of his relationships with women, his family and friends. But! This project being categorized as a playlist was probably the best way to go. It really opened it up so listeners weren't just getting Drake's perspective on things. Instead, it was a collaborative effort that made More Life a little more bearable. 

I'm a fan of straight to the point, concise albums and EPs. Anything excessively over an hour will most likely not be a favorite of mine. More Life is an hour.....and 22 MINUTES

Okay, okay, I know it sounds like I didn't like More Life but I actually did! It WAS long but the features, change in tempo and viewpoints really added to (and saved) this album.

Favorite Tracks: Portland, Passionfruit and Get It Together


6. DaGreenRoom's Music Monday Playlist

Every month, DaGreenRoom curates a special playlist for Music Monday. This month's playlist was for all the beauty and fashion gurus on Youtube looking for a soundtrack to their videos. Look out for the next Music Monday playlist being posted on April 3rd: