WATCH: NAV - Some Way featuring The Weeknd (and my two cents)

from Some Way official video

from Some Way official video

The video for NAV's latest single, Some Way premiered this week and I can't help but to think of how smart The Weeknd was with this release!

If you weren't aware, NAV is a Canadian rapper and producer who is signed to The Weeknd's label, XO. His self titled album is his first major release as a signed rapper so of course he has some catching up to do. The Weeknd helped in a MAJOR way by throwing in a few shots at Justin Bieber on the track and immediately it was labeled as a "diss track" by blogs and music websites. 


Now who's not gonna listen to that?


I'm not trying to take any credit away from NAV. The song is catchy BUT! It's also heavily dominated by The Weeknd.

Also. Side note but I have a feeling that there was a decision made to not have many pictures of NAV on his album and social media accounts...Maybe because he doesn't look like a "typical rapper?" Hmm...Just a thought and observation...

Either way, NAV's album is out and I'll definitely be listening to the complete project so I can decide if I'm actually feeling NAV and not just his XO endorsement. 

Watch the video below!