SZA sits down with Pharrell and Scott Vener to talk CTRL

via SZA's official Twitter

via SZA's official Twitter


All of SZA's fans have been waiting with bated breath for the release of CTRL. After an album release "fakeout" in February, SZA quickly announced her new website, with stems and a lookbook from the album. It's a pretty cool site and is highly interactive but, since SZA is a private person and doesn't usually do interviews, all of us had the same question. 


Now when is this album coming out?


So, it was a pleasant surprise to see SZA join Pharrell and Scott Vener for their Beats 1 show on Apple Music. Not only was it entertaining (Pharrell is VERY hilarious) but SZA really opened up and talked about her start in music and what to expect with her new album CTRL.

SZA is someone I find extremely interesting, especially after hearing how she got started with music. She never really wanted to be an artist and was kind of "forced" into it. She is very vocal about her love for music, and also her struggles with making a career out of it. When asked about when she wanted to "do music" SZA promptly answer that this realization only happened four years ago:

"Doing music seemed like a job. Like a burden that would remove the joy of listening."

This is something that a lot of artists can relate to *including* myself but it hardly ever gets talked about by a signed artist.

If you want to catch the Beats 1 show it comes on every other Sunday at 3pm but the video from the interview will be below! Hopefully SZA releases CTRL within the next few months!