Kendrick Lamar drops new single, The Heart Part 4

via Kendrick Lamar's Instagram

via Kendrick Lamar's Instagram

Earlier this morning, Kendrick posted the above picture on his Instagram and it all had us wondering...

Kendrick you about to drop a new album?

Well, he kind of answered that question and the answer is...Maybe! His surprise single is titled The Heart Part 4 so he could've just posted the song cover art but we can hope right?

The song begins with a mellow sample as Kendrick repeats:

"Don't tell a lie on me. I won't tell the truth bout you"

Abruptly, the tone changes from a moment of reflection to a warning. It basically turns into a diss track aimed at...Well. The internet believes that the shots were aimed at Big Sean after his various subliminal messages in his past releases. I guess it's time to address it! 

Either way, I have a feeling there's more to come and I'm ready!

Listen to the new single below: