Artists You Should Know About: Lion Babe (Oh and they have a new single out too!)




I remember, back in 2012, I was scrolling down World Star Hip Hop (don't ask) and out of the corner of my eye I saw this girl kicking her leg to the high heavens. Of course, out of the video stills that usually populate the main page of WSHH, that instantly grabbed my attention and yeah, I clicked on it.

That video happened to be Lion Babe's breakout hit, Treat Me Like Fire

Now of course, I practice what I preach. Since then I've been following the band and even got a chance to see Lion Babe live in New York last year. The leading lady, Jillian Hervey, is the daughter of Vanessa Williams but shouldn't be stuck with that sole label. This girl is talented, a superb dancer and all around performer. Her voice echoes the soul of Erykah Badu and her style reminds me a little of Kelis. But, don't pay too much attention to my comparisons. Lion Babe is definitely unique and there's no other group out right now like them.  

The other half of the duo is producer, Lucas Goodman aka Astro Raw. Astro produces basically all of Lion Babe's tracks and also song writes! What makes Lion Babe so awesome is not only Jillian's unique voice but also their ambitious integration of different genres. It's really hard to put them in one! They're not really R&B not really soul not really funk...It just feels good! Obviously, you just need to be listening to their music. Speaking of which, they have a new single out, Rockets! Listen below: