WATCH: 2 Chainz and Gucci Mane perform the gospel version of Good Drank

Photo still from performance

Photo still from performance

2 Chainz brought out Gucci Mane, Fonzworth Bentley and a gospel trap choir for his performance of Good Drank for The Tonight Show. Usually rap performances don't translate well on television but this one was well arranged and sounded amazing with all of the live instruments.

2 Chainz and Gucci were great but Fonzworth Bentley and the choir definitely stole the show. Not only did they sound amazing but that choir (and Fonzworth acting as the Choir Director) were in the back dancing so hard and it was hilarious!

This performance got so much press for the arrangement that 2 Chainz released another version of Good Drank with the "Trap Choir" singing the hook:

Overall, it was a great performance with a great message! Watch the full performance below: