So here's what happened at the Grammys...


I was a little surprised last night! The show was good but the actual award giving left me a little disappointed...But! This isn't about me, so let's get into some of the highlights from last night's Grammys:


1. Beyoncé

  • Bey won two awards last night, Best Urban Contemporary Album and Best Music Video for Formation.
  • Officially surpassed her husband, Jay-Z, in Grammy wins. She now has 22 awards and Jay-Z has 21. 
  • Did a very theatrical performance for Love Drought and Sandcastles VERY pregnant and simultaneously gave a nod to her sister's album, A Seat At The Table
via CBS

via CBS


2. Solange

via Solange's Twitter

via Solange's Twitter

  • Won her first Grammy last night for Cranes In The Sky
  • Together, Solange and Beyoncé probably broke some type of record for two sisters winning two different Grammys in one year. #BlackGirlMagic for real.


3. The Grammys "Boycott"

  • Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Frank Ocean all boycotted the Grammys for not honoring more "relevant" artists. For this, (well at least in my opinion it was because of this) Kanye and Justin got NOTHING.


4. Rihanna was snubbed in a major way

  • Rihanna won nothing last night. Not even for Work. It literally makes no sense to me. 
  • But she had a good time and brought a flask with her so I guess all is well:
via Giphy

via Giphy


5. Chance the Rapper CLEANED UP

  • Chance the Rapper won THREE Grammys last night for Coloring Book. The awards were for Best Rap Album, Best New Artist and Rap Performance.
  • He became the first hip hop artist to win Best New Artist since Lauryn Hill's win in the 90s. That's CRAZY.
  • Chance technically has no album out. Believe it or not, Coloring Book is considered a MIXTAPE.
  • Chance thanked God a smooth 500 times and successfully merged the gospel and rap section of the Grammys like nobody's business:


6. Adele...Adele, Adele.

  • Adele kicked off the Grammys with an amazing performance of Hello...Then did the tribute for George Michael completely off key and had to restart on live television: 
  • She pulled it together and at the end there was a heartfelt artist moment. Mistakes happen but in front of your peers?? That can be heartbreaking. Kudos to Adele and the audience for being amazing in that moment. 
  • Adele won Song, Record and Album of the Year. This is kind of a big deal since she won these same awards LAST year as well. 
  • When she won Album of the Year, Adele refused to accept it and dedicated the award to Beyoncé album, Lemonade because SERIOUSLY ACADEMY!?!? SERIOUSLY?  

Anyways, Adele was crying, Beyoncé was crying...We all cried:


7. Bruno Mars

  • Straight up killed his performance and the Prince tribute with The Time: 


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