The Weekend Rundown:

There is just too much going on in the world to keep up. Since it's the first week of 2017, a lot of artists hit the ground running by releasing a whole bunch of singles, covers and albums. Let's not even talk about all the DRAMA that has occurred. The Weekend Rundown will be a weekly post with the rundown on all of the things you might've missed this week! 

1. Migos went all "Revenant" on us for their new music video for T Shirt:

Not all trap music videos gotta be filmed in the hood! C'mon now.

This gem of a video deserves a VMA award at least! The music video for Migos' latest single, T Shirt, was co-directed by group member, Quavo and featured beautiful shots of the mountains and IG models. It almost brought a tear to my eye. Watch the video here:


2. This German girl group that was dubbed the new TLC: 

Ace Tee went viral this week with their music video for Bist du down ? I don't know what they're saying but I'm here for this! Watch the video below: 

3. August Alsina releases new single, Drugs and announces new album with the same name:

This is definitely a song that is perfect for DaGreenRoom's Cuffing Season playlist! Listen to Drugs and the entire playlist (why not) below!

4. Kim Burrell taking L's!

Kim Burrell has been taking some serious heat after footage from her sermon against the LGBTQ community resurfaced. The biggest issue with this is that the sermon went viral a week before she was set to appear on the Ellen show with Pharrell and Janelle Monáe to promote the Hidden Figures soundtrack. Her appearance was cancelled shortly after, then her radio show and it was recently announced that she will no longer be an honoree for the BMI Gospel Trailblazer Award. 

During Pharrell's appearance on Ellen he spoke on the situation: 

 5. DJ Snake releases new music video for The Half:

6. Chris Brown and Soulja Boy possibly training to fight each other in the ring...?

I honestly think that this might be a publicity stunt but! It's entertaining nonetheless. This all started because Soulja Boy started liking and commenting under Chris Brown's ex, Karrueche's, Instagram pictures. A couple of IG videos were shared and now we're here. Floyd Mayweather and The Money Team are promoting the fight and I'm just wondering where the music at? Next subject. 

7. Chance The Rapper's Twitter:

His tweets this week were probably the most entertaining thing other than Black Twitter yesterday during the whole Nigger Navy thing (google it). From his funny commentary about Complex's ridiculous ranking of Kanye's albums to his trip to DC for Obama's Farewell Party, he had us all cracking up: