Chargaux: Meditations of a G

Chargaux is a group comprised of a violinist, Margaux and a violist, Charly. Their sound is very unique and is kind of hard to put into words, but if I must, I would describe it as trap orchestral music. Some of their tracks also give me M.I.A vibes. I'm here for it. 

So, I stumbled upon this duo while I was procrastinating and scrolling down my Facebook feed. As a former classical vocalist, I was intrigued by how they merged classical music with Hip Hop. They're also just bad ass and serious about their music and the message behind it. Chargaux is all about women empowerment but they don't express that by saying it every second in their music. Instead, they compose and produce good music without the assistance of a major record label. Now that is what I call girl power. Another fun fact I learned was that Chargaux played on both Kendrick Lamar's Good Kid M.A.A.D City and J Cole's Forest Hills Drive. Awesome right? They're two wickedly talented black women doing things on their own. That, was enough for me to drop everything and listen to their latest project, Meditations of a G.

If the title wasn't enough to reel you in, the music probably will. Most of the songs have a simple melody that is accompanied by a hard hitting drum beat. It's mostly an instrumental album so it's perfect for when you're working or studying. But, if you're not into instrumental albums don't worry. They sing too! Beautifully! This random discovery of Chargaux was a great one and I'll definitely continue to listen. Check out their album Meditations of a G below: